Celebrating the History of Motion Pictures from 1890 to 1960

1936 Timelines: 1930 to 1939

Pope Pius XI issues a Pontifical Encyclical that recommends the boycotting of indecent films and congratulates the American Catholic Church’s “Legion of Decency” on their activities.


Irving Thalberg, MGM’s production chief and the “Boy Wonder” of Hollywood, dies at 37 of pneumonia.


Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy leave the Hal Roach Studios and start making pictures for their own company, “Stan Laurel Productions”.


The Quigley Poll, published in Variety , lists America’s most popular movie stars. Shirley Temple is #1, and Clark Gable is #2.


The “Screen Directors Guild” is formed with Frank Capra as its first president.


Significant Films:

Charlie Chaplin releases “Modern Times”. For the first time audiences hear the voice of his character, the Tramp.

Frank Capra’s film “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town”, is greeted with great enthusiasm by audiences. Proclaiming the innate decency of the common man, Capra’s film makes him the hottest director in Hollywood. The film is chosen as the year’s best by the New York Film Critics.

“The Great Ziegfeld” wins the Academy Award for “Outstanding Production”.

MGM releases “Dodsworth”, starring Walter Huston and Mary Astor. It is nominated for seven Academy Awards, including “Outstanding Production”, but only wins for “Art Direction”.

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