Celebrating the History of Motion Pictures from 1890 to 1960

1920 Timelines: 1920 to 1929

The theater chain, Loew’s Incorporated, takes over Metro Pictures Corporation.


Louis B. Mayer sets up Louis B. Mayer Productions Incorporated in New York.


Mary Pickford marries Douglas Fairbanks.


D.W. Griffith sells shares in the new “D.W. Griffith Corporation” in order to finance his new studios at Mamaroneck NY.


Due to a lack of overseas markets, American motion picture production is reduced by 50%, putting 5,000 out of work.


The American inventor, Lee de Forest perfects an optical soundtrack for films that runs between the picture area and one row of sprockets. He calls his invention the “Phonofilm”.


Significant Films:

The German film, “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, is released. It is an astonishing attempt to translate the imagery of German Expressionist painting and design to the cinema screen.

“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, starring John Barrymore, is released.

“The Mark of Zorro”, starring Douglas Fairbanks, is released by United Artists.

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