Celebrating the History of Motion Pictures from 1890 to 1960

1918 Timelines: 1910 to 1919

Charlie Chaplin opens his own studios to produce films for First National.


Mary Pickford forms her own film production company to make films for First National. First National will pay her an advance of $150,000, and then $250,000 for each of three films.


The Pathè company in France splits into two companies. Emile Pathè will run the “Sound Reproduction Machine Company”, and his brother Charles Pathè will run the “Pathè-Cinema Company”.


Significant Films:

Adolph Zukor’s “Artcraft” company releases D.W. Griffith’s film, “Hearts of the World”. Starring Lillian Gish and Erich von Stroheim, this anti-German propaganda film arouses great waves of sympathy for the Allies.

Rudolph Valentino has his first major role in, “The Married Virgin”.

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