1916 Timelines: 1910 to 1919

Charlie Chaplin signs a year-long contract with the Mutual Film Corporation. He is to receive $10,000 per week plus a $150,000 signing bonus.


The “Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company”, and “The Famous Players Film Corporation” merge to become “Famous Players-Lasky Corporation”. Adolph Zukor becomes the president.


Samuel Goldfish resigns as administrative president of Famous Players-Lasky Corporation due to disagreements with the new president, Adolph Zukor. Goldfish redeems his stock in the company for $900,000.


Samuel Goldfish forms a new production company, which he eventually moves to California, called “Goldwyn Pictures Corporation”. The name “Goldwyn” is formed by combining Goldfish and Selwyn (one of the partners in the corporation).


Paramount Pictures sets up a studio called “The Comique Film Corporation”. They hire Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle to be its writer, director and star. He will be paid $7,000 per week plus 25% of the profits.


Significant Films:

The D.W. Griffith’s film, “Intolerance”, is released. The final cost of the film is about $400,000.

Cecil B. DeMille’s film, “Joan the Woman”, is released. It stars the popular opera singer, Geraldine Farrar.


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